Wednesday, April 10, 2013

who am i??

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone...

today i want to write in english because something happened to me last night.
and i want to cry out loud but deep in my heart i was angry, don't know who should i blame or should
i blame myself for the humiliation that i made?
but it is accidentally happened and i don't even remember it.
well what i can say, people can mad at me because my stupidity
my writing in english is out of grammar but i still want to write it, although i cannot speak because i am very very not confident and can't explain the thing i want to explain to others.
just this is who i am.
don't know how to explain myself to others.may be my mind is not the same with other people.
what i think is not important, others would take it important.
it just me.
who am i?
only Allah s.w.t know and knew me better that others who can judge other people.
Human can judge and think what they want to think, but Allah s.w.t. the one who created His human.
he knows betters, and the path of our journey had been written and only He knew the present,the past and the future.

Somehow, writing in this blog make me feel relief again, because i could share it and while writing i know who i should seek for tranquility.